Why pin point who your customer is?

Why pin point who your customer is?

You know who your customers are, right? But have you defined them? The buyer persona often called customer profiling is a recognised marketing technique to do just that. For any marketing or branding to be effective it is a must. But why?

What are the advantages of customer profiling?

You can’t be all things to all people. Taking a targeted approach will help get the best returns on your promotional budget by:

  • Identifying your best customers you can keep your branding focus on track.
  • Avoiding the ‘leap in the dark’, aka mis-spends. You can drop or avoid advertising that doesn’t fit, with confidence.
  • Augmenting tailored content with customer lifestyle and preferences, means your campaigns will appeal.
  • Running campaigns in the right place will deliver returns. For example if your profile says your target customer loves insta you should focus there.
  • Using their likes and dislikes allows you to create customer loyalty. In turn you will speak to them in the way they think.

How to create your customer profiling?

You create a realistic description that embodies the traits, behaviours, of your customers. The purpose is to give you a better idea about what kinds of promotional strategies to adopt. But don’t rely on guesswork when deciding what to include in your customer profile. Instead, take a systematic approach to information gathering on your ideal customers.

The end result is that you have a customer profile written down that defines each customer. It will include psychographic, demographic, and geographic characteristics. It’s worth mentioning that a customer profile for a consumer company would look different than that of a business firm.

Have you created a customer profile for your business? Fresh Bread can help you define and find your valued ‘best’ customers. Get in touch to learn more.

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