Show your true colours

Show your true colours

We know specific colours speak to us, often in a way words can’t. Pick the right colour and you’ll evoke a particular emotion, vibe, or aesthetic. But, colour in marketing and design does more than convey emotion and personality.

Emotions stimulate our decision making and affect our mood. So colour choice in marketing and design has the power to impact sales.

Colour influences buyer decision making. Some colours are effective because they say importance, others because they soothe anxiety. Some ground us by calling up feelings of security. Others stimulate enthusiasm or highlight danger. Colour will influence how users move around a particular design layout, and what they feel as they do so.

Clever design combines colour to match the business aims with psychology theory. Correct use of colour will:

  • Reflect your brand’s emotional connections.
  • Align with your brand identity
  • Speak to your target market.
  • Position your brand in the market place against competitors.
  • Effect turnover and profit

Not sure how to inject colour into your next piece of marketing or advertising? Get in touch we’re here to help. #GoodDesignMatters #Branding #ColourPsycology

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